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Stephen Cornfoot - Seeing - G [Jun. 17th, 2006|05:01 pm]
Ravenclaw 20 Challenge Community


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Author: shadowed_tears
Title: Seeing
Rating: G
Character(s): Stephen Cornfoot, feat. Padma Patil
Prompt: #20 – Through the Looking Glass
Word Count: 384
Notes: Tutorial session turned counseling session. A prequel of sorts to Click!.

Padma peered at his face carefully, as if she was taking the parts of his face organ by organ.

“What?” Stephen asked uncomfortably as he tried to ignore that his Housemate and friend was scrutinizing him. They had homework. And she was going to help him finish his transfiguration essay.

She just smiled and proceeded to point out various paragraphs in the book laid out before them.

“Look here,” she was saying, her pointer finger grazing on the page of the book. “It says that the reason why turning inanimate objects to something that lives is that…”

He quickly drowned out what she was saying as his eyes fell on a certain brunette. So he was startled when he suddenly heard the Prefect laugh. “What?” he asked again, glancing at her as he bent over his parchment and pretended to have been thinking on what to write.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you have a crush on someone I know,” Padma commented, and she was rewarded by Stephen blushing. She grinned.

He gaped at her. “What are you talking about?” She didn’t know anything, right? Even Kevin didn’t have any idea. But he always had that certain smile when he she was there. Maybe… No. Only he knew.

She merely smiled knowingly at him. “Anyway, as I was saying, you can put…”

His thoughts and listening skills scattered again as his eyes took in the familiar soft waves in the distance and the tinkle of laughter that rang out.

“Stephen. If you don’t do something soon, she’d tire of waiting and all you’d have is regret.”

His head turned too fast that he flinched in pain as he looked at his companion. “What are you saying?” he asked slowly.

“Don’t worry. You aren’t obvious… Yet. But since I do look at my friends closely… Just think about what you really want then act on it. From what I can see, you really like her. And she likes you, too. And no, she hasn’t said anything. Like I told you, I keep watch on my friends,” Padma told him.

Stephen stared at her before nodding in understanding. Maybe, it was just what he needed. Someone to tell him what they could see when they look at him. And nudge him the right direction.