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Michael/Anthony/Terry - Fire Festival - PG-13 [Jun. 9th, 2006|11:31 am]
Ravenclaw 20 Challenge Community
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Author: karasu
Title: Fire Festival
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): Anthony Goldstein, Terry Boot, and Michael Corner
Prompt: Midsummer's Day
Word Count: 1,745
Notes: Michael gets a tip about the best place to celebrate Midsummer's Day. Wackiness ensues.

The grass glowed with a white sheen. Haze obscured the top of the hill. It was a rare hot day - probably the hottest Midsummer's Day in the last ten years - but even so, plenty of people had gone out to celebrate by the multitude of bonfires. The three boys trekking up the hillside could see the smoke spiralling up from one such fire. It melted into the haze of the afternoon, creating a strange blurred wisp against the pale sky.

"Maybe we should have gone to Stonehenge," Terry Boot suggested, wiping sweat from his forehead and blinking it from his light brown eyes.

"With all the bloody tourists? Ridiculous. Plus, this is going to be absolutely brilliant," countered his best friend, Michael Corner, who was trying to push the mop of damp curls from his brow.

The last boy said nothing, looking somewhere between cynical and hopeful. Anthony Goldstein was not at the fore of this expedition, though he wasn't dragging back either. He'd taken a safe place behind his friends in case things, as they tended to do when Michael came up with a plan, went badly.

"So tell us again, Michael, what your sister said," he muttered, feeling his t-shirt sticking to his back. At least he wouldn't have to worry over it too much.

"Well," replied the dark haired boy, pausing on the slope to drop his pack and take a seat in the yellow grass, "she said that every year, this group of witches comes to this particular hill to celebrate..." A long smile crossed over the boy's face, looking distinctly untoward. "...in the nude. It's this totally traditional celebration of love and nature!"

"And... you're sure it's girls and blokes?"

Michael nodded energetically. "Of course! Men and women celebrating side by side by the fire with no clothes on. Like I said, totally brilliant!"

Terry frowned, glancing between his friends. "I don't want to take off my robes."

"Of course you do," said Michael. "Not like we haven't seen all there is anyway."

Terry kicked some of the dying grass at Michael, his face turning bright red under the previous colour from the heat. "Shut up."

"Just think... Dancing around by the fire with all those naked girls," Michael sighed. "It'd be nicer if it rained. Just think about the water cascading down..."

"Don't finish that thought," Terry grumbled, crossing his arms.

Anthony, however, looked intrigued. "Well... I mean, if it's all in good fun, then is there really anything so bad about accidentally..."

"Don't finish that one either," Terry sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Michael and Anthony glanced at each other with grins painfully wide. However, after a moment, Anthony's faltered. "But why would Anna tell you about this? She usually isn't so..."

"...Helpful? I agree, but she completely owed me, because I did all the housework the last week so that she could skive off with her new boyfriend."

Anthony nodded, rubbing his chin. "Well, I suppose this would make up for that."

"Anyway, let's keep going!" said Michael, springing to his feet.

"I think I'll just wait down here. I'll join you later," said Terry, but Anthony hooked his arm through the other boy's.

"No, you don't, Mr. Boot. We'll all go together."

Michael grinned, catching Terry's other arm. "That's right. Aren't you the one always saying we're the Three Mouseketeers?"

"That's Musketeers."

"Right, well, whatever. Forward ho!"

The three marched up the remaining distance up the hill. It seemed the sun was growing hotter as they neared the top. Ashes were floating up through the air and scattering down the slope. The smoke started to become more distinct, the smell of burning wood and sugar clouding the air.

"Oh, they must have marshmallows!" Michael exclaimed.

"Great," Terry grumbled. "That makes all of this so much..."

However, at that moment, Michael, Anthony, and Terry topped the hill and paused. The bonfire in the centre of the festivities was far larger than they'd imagined, the heart of it burning a strange sort of blue, which produced a shimmering smoke that hovered low over the ground rather than rising into the air.

"Magical... incense?" Anthony guessed.

Michael nodded, letting go of Terry and taking a step closer. His jaw had gone slack. Dancing around the flame - as promised by his sister - was a group of women, nearly twenty in counting, all in beautiful, glimmering nudity. He giggled, and Terry groaned. "Look, the sweat on their..."

"Michael!" Terry snapped, looking worried. "I don't think..."

Michael, however, was attempted to wrestle his shirt from his torso. He didn't notice that the laughing and chanting coming from the revelling women was fading, as they turned to stare without smiles at the newcomers. Anthony had started to pull his shirt off, but paused with his hands at the hem of his shirt, noticing the sudden pause in activity. Clearing his throat faintly, he slowly reached out and grabbed the back of Michael's shirt before it could come off, giving it a tug.

"I think we should go," he muttered.

Terry was already backing down the hill.

"Why?" asked Michael, head popping back through the collar of his shirt.

Anthony pointed at the closest gathering of women. There was a very pretty red head starting towards them, and she had her wand out pointed directly at the two boys.

"Oh," Michael said, face falling. He took a step back, putting his hands out in front of him. "Maybe we can reason with them? It's probably a misunderstanding..."

"I think we should just run," Anthony said, letting go of Michael and starting to ease away after Terry.

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing?" asked the red head, tossing her hair like an angry horse. She stamped her foot and levelled her wand about eye-level with Michael, who, quite unfortunately couldn't help the sudden southbound journey of his eyes, because her jerking caused other parts of her person to fluctuate, and the young man standing at the edge of the hill was feeling a bit mesmerised.

"Pigs!" the woman spat, eyes widening in outrage as she realised where he was looking. This was followed by a chorus of slander that soon caught on through the whole group. "I'll teach you a thing or two!"

Michael ripped his eyes from below her shoulders to her face. "Hey, aren't you Gwenog...?"

"MICHAEL, COME ON!" shouted Terry, who was now running full speed down the incline.

It was at that moment, the first hex was fired off. A flash of yellow light exploded past Michael, disappearing into the air above his head.

"Now, now..." Michael said nervously, stepping backwards with his hands still out ahead of him. "I'm sure we can..." Another hex whizzed past his ear, and he tripped, skidding a few metres down the hill on his rump. Anthony paused, running back to grab his friend by the shoulder and shove him to his feet.

"Just run," the taller boy said before an explosion of multicoloured lights filled the air.

Anna Corner tucked her hair behind her ear and turned the page of the Prophet. The sun was filtering through the window, causing the kitchen to be abnormally hot. Her mother had opened the windows earlier, and there was a bit of a breeze coming up from the ocean, but even so, Anna thought the room could use a fan. She picked up her glass of lemonade, starting to turn the page of the newspaper, and shrieked. The glass fell to the floor, shattering. Standing on the other side of the island beyond the lowered paper was her brother and his two best friends.

"Oh, you surprised me," she said, putting the paper aside.

Anthony had his arms crossed over his chest. His nose had become an upturned little snout, Terry was sporting a set of floppy pink ears, but Michael looked relatively all right. Actually, as she looked up at her brother, he looked a little dreamy.

"What happened to you?"

"I think you know," replied Terry.

"A really great way to spend Midsummer's Day, was it?" added Anthony, glaring fiercely behind his new cute nose, which meant that Anna didn't really feel alarmed in the least, but rather chuckled.

"You should keep that nose, Anthony," she said, taking out her wand to clean up the glass. "It looks good on you."

"I expect you're going to fix this," Terry said, sounding very demanding for the normally stoic boy.

"Oh, fine, fine. I can fix it," Anna sighed, shaking her head. Her short, carefully styled locks fell into her face before she pushed them back again. She picked the glass up from the floor and dried the liquid before turning back to the boys and grinning. "But after I get my camera."

"NO!" shouted Anthony and Terry together.

"I got hexed by Gwenog Jones," Michael sighed.

"What did happen to you, My-My?" Anna asked sweetly.

For a moment, Anthony and Terry almost looked liked they'd smile, but they quickly returned to their righteous anger. Anthony reached out and took Michael by the shoulder, turning him around. A springy, pink tail was poking out from the top of his trousers. Anna snorted so hard it hurt, bursting into gales of laughter.

"Three... little piggies..." she wheezed.

"Hey, it's not that funny," Michael said, returning to his senses. "By the way, you lied!"

"Welcome to the conversation, Mike," Terry grumbled.

"Well, gentleman," Michael said, turning back to his sister and joining the other two in crossing his arms, "I believe there's only one thing to do: get her!"

However, Anna was already climbing out the back window and running towards the garden shed. The three boys rushed after her.

"Sorry, can't chat. I think there's a wolf coming to blow the house down!" she shouted, throwing the shed's door open and disapparating.

The three boys drew to a stop, collectively sighing.

"I reckon we should head in, then," Anthony sighed, wrinkling his snout. "Don't want to scare the neighbours, right?"

"Well, one good thing came of it," said Michael

"What's that?" Terry asked, ear twitching.

"I got hexed by Gwenog Jones. That's almost like getting her autograph!"

Anthony's eye jerked. Terry's eyes narrowed.

"What? It is!"

The two stepped closer. "You know, hexing you is almost like hexing Anna."

"Er, I think I left the tea on..." Michael said with a nervous grin, starting to edge away.



[User Picture]From: peacekeeper
2006-06-09 03:58 pm (UTC)
*dies* *howls* *dies again*

This was hilarious. XD I loved it. You really should write more humour fics, because you're so good with them. XD
(Reply) (Thread)
From: ex_karasu511
2006-06-09 03:59 pm (UTC)
*enjoys 'playing' with Michael* xD;;
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: shadowed_tears
2006-06-11 05:55 am (UTC)
(Reply) (Thread)
From: ex_karasu511
2006-06-11 06:06 am (UTC)
^.^ *glad to please!*
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