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Morag MacDougal - Fading Memories [Jun. 9th, 2006|12:33 am]
Ravenclaw 20 Challenge Community


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Author: peacekeeper
Title: Tabula Rasa
Rating: PG-13
Character(s): Morag MacDougal
Prompt: #011 - Fading Memories
Word Count: 858
Notes: This is fairly angsty and not very straightforward at all. XD; I think it had to be written this way, though.

There was a green field, grasses waving gently in the wind. A few trees here and there, though nothing to obscure the view of the river beyond, tucked in the little nook of sorts. The river stretched for miles, though it wasn't easily found from where a person could stand easily, given that it was down an incline. But it wasn't hidden, and through the hills, one could see it. Sometimes there were deer.

But the river dried up, the grass turned brown. The deer died. Morag twitched just slightly as the frigid wisp scratched her consciousness, pulling her home away and shattering it like glass. The dark figures around her stirred, and something pressed painfully against the base of her skull. The chill receded, though just momentarily. There was a huge black spot where the river was now; the only thing left of it was the faint discomfort and confusion dictating where it had been.

"Again," one of the dark figures snapped.

Next, there were children around a table, wrapped in bright yellows and pinks. A small stack of gifts stood nearby, next to a chocolate cake which was - unbeknownst to anyone - being thoroughly enjoyed by the family dog. There were crisps out on the table, though the sky was clouding over just slightly. There'd be rain, but it wouldn't ruin the day. Nothing could ruin the day.

Thunder struck, biting a hole through the sunshine-kissed table, sending the gifts scattering. The dog's bleached bones sat upon an abandoned lot, the grass overgrown as it slowly crept upon the ruins of the old house that hadn't stood in years. The fences crumbled, and an earthquake tore the very ground away.

She shivered then, but the cold receded. A find frosty film remained, and confusion, of course. There was always confusion, though she couldn't say why.

"There must be something."

The thing pressed against her neck again, harder this time. Morag whimpered, but the feeling was quickly numbed by the long sheet of parchment. It came in a fancy, sealed envelope, a red crest pressed into wax on the front, and her name in script on the back. Of course, it was obvious what it was. At the time, the thing had been a source of complete unhappiness, dread, and even some loathing, but she'd gotten over it. Somehow, that sorting hat put her into Ravenclaw...

The cold set in again, but someone shouted "No!" and the pain stretched on, reaching an almost audible level as it scrambled to leak from her ear. They were muffed, though, keeping the content from escaping for just another moment. Years passed in the blink of an eye, each one tearing across her eyes and leaving a damp trail in their wake. Even if they hurt, even if the sensation was unbearable, Morag tried to hold on, because she knew it was coming to the end, and she was starting to realise what they were doing to her.

More dark figures, this time in the halls. These reached out with a chill touch and green light, grabbing some and eliminating others. No one thought to draw the curtains across the windows, so the sunlight trickling through them seemed far out of place. Streaks of black flew in front of her and behind and on both sides. This time, the confusion was contained within the vision, and as she lifted her feet to run, she felt herself pulled in all directions into darkness, and then here, into a room she didn't recognise.


In the corner of her vision, she saw the black-haired boy. The expression on his face was clear... There had to be loss if they were to gain what they needed to from this encounter. Some prey had to escape if others were to live to fight another day, and he looked at her, and Morag nodded before she had to look away. She felt the frustration only briefly, before he, too, was eaten by the darkness. The blurred shapes around her fell where they fled, the very stones on the floor feasting on their flesh as it melted them and drew them in. Soon, all that was left were them empty halls, and even those crumbled under the gale force of the storm raging around her. The cold snap of it shocked her mind until it was frozen, and it whirled and pooled and shoved whatever had been there before out into the cold where it, too, was eliminated with the deft speed granted to predators. She wanted those things back, but couldn't recall that she'd had them in the first place.

"She knew nothing."

"A waste."

"She saw the boy."

The only thing left seemed to be a bright green light, and within it, Morag felt fear, but also hope. With nothing remaining, she strove for it, hands reaching even though they were bound, feet willing her forward though they were chained. At the last possible moment, she heard the words, and everything came rushing back in a maelstrom of fear and panic before she succumbed to peace, and the realisation that everything would be okay.


From: ex_karasu511
2006-06-09 02:04 pm (UTC)
I think I know what happened! I THINK! But I won't spoil for others. xD In any case, this was beautifully written. I really like that you stretched out and wrote something that wasn't upfront. It reads really well, and it's very interesting. Good job!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: peacekeeper
2006-06-09 03:46 pm (UTC)
Thanks. XD I don't think it would have worked if I'd just come out and said what happened, because the story would have been over fairly quickly then. XD But I'm interested to see if you got it.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
From: ex_karasu511
2006-06-09 03:47 pm (UTC)
I'll ask you later. xD
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