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Grip [Jun. 8th, 2006|09:24 pm]
Ravenclaw 20 Challenge Community


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Author: risamo
Title: Grip
Rating: PG
Character(s): Kevin Entwhistle, Lavender Brown.
Prompt: Struggling
Word Count: 200
Notes: Kevin and Lavender out for a walk in Hogsmeade, plus Parvati!

“Don’t you dare, Parvati.”

She bit her lip, but upon giving the couple another glance, she couldn’t hold back a snort.

“Parvati!” Said Lavender, advancing towards her friend, dragging the most unfortunate Kevin along. He winced; maybe offering to hold hands with her as they strolled through Hogsmeade wasn’t the brightest idea. It seemed every time the couple passed by other students Lavender’s grip on his hand increased painfully. Unfortunately, if he thought the viselike grip she had on his while they passed Millicent Bullstrode was bad; it had increased by tenfold as they approached Lavender’s best friend.

“Oh... Oh Lavender!” Parvati was clearly struggling to hold back her peals of laughter, which seemed to only upset the blonde more.

“Kevin! Do something!” She whined, glancing to the Ravenclaw pleadingly. Unfortunately, all Kevin could manage was a nervous, if not somewhat pained, smile and squeeze her hand back. Oddly enough, this seemed to have some effect on his irate girlfriend because her hold on him began to ease and he could feel the pricks of his blood returning to normal circulation. He looked up from his fingers restoring to normal colour to Lavender and was surprised to see her smiling.


[User Picture]From: shadowed_tears
2006-06-09 05:30 am (UTC)
M'Awww... So... fluffy and cute! XD
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From: ex_karasu511
2006-06-09 01:58 pm (UTC)
Po' Kevvy-wevvy. Lav is a sadist. xD SHE LIKES BDSM. Or something.
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